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June 2016: Missa Mundi

In Missa Mundi, I provide alternative texts for the four pieces of the Catholic liturgy most commonly set to music: the Mass, the Requiem, the Te Deum and the Stabat Mater, expressing a green, worldly spirituality. These are suitable for replacing the traditional words in sung settings. Here is the document (PDF 600K).

May 2016: ‘Think of the world’: Collected Poems 1986–2016

And another project: my collected poems of 30 years, some 670 poems, 250 previously unpublished (498 pages). They are available from Lulu as an ebook or as a print version for $5.95US and $19.95US respectively.

This collection has a unique arrangement: in place of a chronological or thematic organisation these poems are arranged in sections from my most recent work back through earlier years to my earliest work, written in the UK. This allows the reader to follow my inspiration and development back to its source and, I hope, appreciate the consistency of purpose throughout his body of work.

Throughout the focus is on the war waged by modernity on nature and on the human spirit as a constituent part of the natural world.

December 2015: The True History of Pocahontas

I have now taken another project off the shelf and published it with Lulu. This is The True History of Pocahontas, a literary film script which endeavours to tell the story of Pocahontas/Matoaka right.

In this historically-informed screen play John Leonard strips away the myths surrounding the life of Pocahontas and delivers a compelling account of her tragic life at the moment of the foundation of the Virginia colony. He demonstrates that in this case at least, the truth is even more fascinating the myths.’ Camilla Townsend, Historian, author of Pocahontas and the Powhatan Dilemma (Hill and Wang, 2005).

It is available for $9.95 from here.

November 2015: The Reawakening

The Reawakening: Religion and the Future of Humanity, my work on the history of religion, is now available as an ebook from Lulu for the low, low price of $9.95 (Aus).

Here is a synopsis (PDF 800K).

May 2014: A Fifth Poetry Collection

A Spell, A Charm, my fifth poetry collection, is now available from Hybrid Publishers in Melbourne.

Here is the media release (PDF 280K).

And here is a recording of the Canberra launch on 15 July. (mp3, 28 mins, 29 mb). I have also made a Youtube version, which has a slideshow of my photographs and other images to accompany the audio.

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